Thursday, November 2, 2023

Project Next Gen Forms for new Word Processors


Project Next Gen Forms for new Word Processors

Now a day we use different software as we need to create a various types of Id cards and labels and other professional forms which required special type of computer knowledge and experts to create those forms an the other hand those are time consuming and very expensive to create at the same time if we want to create a form with variable texts , colours, photos we need to work hard for every time. For example,

1)     If we have to make ID cards of 100 students, we have to enter all the details for all 100 students and to import 100 photos of the students and separately need to crop them.  

2)     If we need to create greeting cards to 15 of our friends with special memories individual to them then we have to make all the 15 cards separately with cropping and placing photos of them and different texts to them.

3)     If we want to make appreciation letters to 100 employees with their photos of their achievements or in victory.

These are the some of many situations where our current system does not shows the its efficiency due to lac of design in our software, because out current software  is just an so called upgrade with its looks not with new ideas of innovation.

In this age we need to change our thinking to develop software to make more time saver and  user friendly  at the same time much easier to give a boost to our concepts and ideas to express.


So I am proposing a new design to defeat those decade old process and design.

Features may be inserted  :-

·        Any form should have 02 different portions, one is editable another is fixed. The fixed portion shall work as its structure  and not modifiable once it is created as a form, the editable portion can be edited later.  

·        New draw table or pallet which must contain different types of text boxes ie:- the text boxes may have any shape and it shall be variable regarding availability to space on a single page or in a give size on part of a page.

·        Photo holder / frame should be there and it need to be capable to automatically  crop or resize any size photo to its given size to fit the form.

·        These forms should have two portion one portion will be prefixed or can be fixed during creating those forms and other part will editable where required data can be filled with importing data from database or by typing.

·        The prefixed portion cannon be modified or changed it will work like a frame which cannot be altered. This fame can be created once. And the editable portion can be modifiable.

·        Data either text or photo on editable portion can be entered manually or can be auto filled from an external data base by tagging each data field to one or multiple editable portion of a form.

·        In all cases the page or the form size will be fixed with page setup.


These are some of new feature may be introduce in today’s so called word processors to make them more useful.



Pabitra Kr Mahato



Sunday, April 29, 2012

The philosophical finding on  system 

System is the term we use today in our daily work and life. There are many systems like computer system or operating system in it, or social system, education system, government system, policy making system, mechanical system which is used in from motor car to large factory, salary system, business development system, traffic management system, pollution control system, solar system, biological system or any other system which we can find in our surroundings. But what is a system? What is the common between all this systems? Is there any similarity between these systems or all system works in different way?

 Here I am trying to describe something about system.

Any system is consisted with three parts:-
1. Input,
2. Ouput,
3. Factor.

Input :-Input is the Thing or Think what we are giving to a system. It is the feed given to a system to get output. In put is may be physical or logical or in combination of both, where logical parts cannot be separated from the physical part. It is the main source of a system. We get output according to input. Output of one system can be used as a input in another system.

Output :- output is what we are getting in respect of our input.

Factor :- This can also be called as the ‘control’ of the System. It directs the Input towards the Output according to its function or state or condition. It can further divide in to 1) Energy Supply and 2) Output  effecting factor.

System:- System is the basic unit or assembly either physical or logical consist of all the three parts and bound by its factor in both the Physical and Logical systems.

Zero system Condition (ZSC):- This is the condition when input is given to a system but due to lack or inconvenience of factor the system remains in no-output condition. In this condition though input is given but we do not get any output.

Fundamental rules of System:
1) One system can be used as a LOGIC or FACTOR for another system.

2) When two or more system works together lowest boundary containing system will be dominant and the highest boundary containing system should be in dormant condition beyond the lowest boundary.

3) Systems only can work as a single system till it breaks the zero condition of another system, system works as chain of systems.

1) Here for example a battery is connected with a wire in Figure-1 in open circuit and due to incompletion of logic system maintains zero condition. In figure-2 circuit is closed and flow of electron flows and this is a system.

 In electric bulb we will find two terminals one is for supply and other for ground. When we give a power supply the bulb glows. Now if we consider  the case and the circuit diagram of a electric light system in Figure-3 the circuit is open, here switch is the factor , makes all the system to maintain zero condition though all other conditions are present.

In case of figure no-4 the switch is on and the flow of electrons started from –VE end to +VE end through the wire and through the filament of the bulb. Here flow of the electron is a system and the switch and the resistance of the filament are just the factors which control the flow. Here we give the input of electrons and we get electrons as output and flow of the electron is a system.

Due to this flow another system is activated in the filament and heat is produced. In this system flow of electron breaks the zero state of the heat producing system and produced the heat in the filament.

In the next step the heat produced by the heat producing system breaks the zero state of the light producing system and light is produced.

Therefore flow of electron is working as factor for 2nd stage and out-put of 2nd stage (heat) is working as factor for 3rd stage, and we get light.
Pabitra Kumar Mahato